Aao Wish Karien is, that it is an amazingly sweet movie, which makesyou laugh and cry and certain points, and I can’t wait to say this, Ithink Aftab has arrived. The performance of Aaftab was so nuanced andwell balanced, a grown up with a heart and mind of kid, it reminded meof Hrithik’s performance in Krish, only there was no over the top hamacting. Story is, in one line, a kid who wishes to grow up because thegirl he loves thinks he is a kid, actually grows up the next day. Likeall the good movies, I didn’t think it was long, I didn’t go out duringthe songs, I laughed at the right moments (others laughed as well) andwas holding back a tear at the right moment as well (others did aswell). Now only thing I want is all my friends to watch this movie, andsupport his kind of cinema, it is good and refreshing. Please don’t pay100/200 bucks to movies like Blue, just to watch someone’s biceps andsomeone else’s cleavage, watch a movie made by heart and care, and notby slick editing, and oodles of money thrown in. Heart warming, indeed.

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